Do Corgis Shed?  The Answer!  Yes!

Everyone contemplating having a Corgi as part of the family wants to know - do corgis shed?  When Spock started to "blow his coat"near the end of January, I decided to let it go until the undercoat loosened up way past "tufting" and do some illustrative pictures.  Spock looked like he was exploding cotton fluff!

Bear got out some of his favorite grooming tools and got to work, pulling the undercoat out of Spock's left side.  Below, the contrast is  clear...........

Some of the otherdogs came around to help.  Woody seemed to 
feel that it was far too messy and  took shelter under the 
grooming table.

Meanwhile, Mr. Spock starts to enjoy this!

Until he is done at last.  Now for the fun of a bath and blow dry!

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